Classroom Documentation (Version 1.0)

(4 Hours) In this course you will learn how to document a student’s academic and social behaviors in the classroom and why this documentation is important to student success. You will learn how to set up a system to organize your documentation and be provided with multiple templates you can use during the documentation process. Through documentation, you will be able to communicate the needs of your classroom and students to the appropriate personnel and receive targeted support efficiently.

Course Guiding Question

Who are my struggling students and how can I document their difficulties in a way that will enlist the support I need from my administrators?

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • How documentation will support your classroom instruction
  • How documentation is used when seeking support from administrators
  • How to effectively document student struggles
  • Why documenting a student’s struggles holistically through various methods is important

CPE Hours

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate for 4 CPE hours. Model Teaching and Action Potential Learning is a Statewide, TEA (Texas Education Agency) approved provider for Continuing Professional Education credit. CPE# 902-391

Resources Included in this Course:

ABC Tracker

ABC Tracker Sample

Academic Tracker

Behavior Tracker

Conference Form

Creating Student Files Guide

Effectiveness Rubric

Documentation Implementation Plan

Documentation Purposes Guide

Intervention Log

Parent Contact Log

Referral Process Log

Team Meeting Documentation Tracker

Course Curriculum

  • Classroom Documentation Section 1 – Introduction
    20 minutes
  • Classroom Documentation Section 1 – Lesson
    15 minutes
  • Classroom Documentation Section 1 – Reflection
    Text Based
  • Classroom Documentation Section 2 – Lesson
    20 minutes
  • Classroom Documentation Section 2 – Reflection
  • Classroom Documentation Section 3 – Lesson
    20 minutes
  • Classroom Documentation – Section 3 – Quiz
    7 questions
  • Classroom Documentation Section 3 – Reflection
  • Classroom Documentation Section 4 – Putting It All Together
    File Upload
  • Classroom Documentation Section 5 – Applying What You Have Learned
    25 minutes
  • Final Course Survey
    7 questions
  • Course Implementation Follow Up Request
    1 minutes
  • Submit Course
    1 minutes

About The Instructors

Monique Carlisle
B.S. Education
Applied Learning & Development
University of Texas at Austin

Experience & Credentials
Over 11 Years of Teaching Experience
Former Elementary-Level Teacher
Montessori Certification
G/T Student Performance &
Curriculum Trained
Experience With Students With Learning Disabilities

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