Expository Writing & Embedded Grammar Instruction (4th- 8th Grades) (Version 1.0)

(9 Hours) Participants in this course will learn strategies to teach expository writing for 4th through 8th grade students. The training will cover the entire writing process, from analyzing a prompt and creating a plan, to writing a first draft, as well as editing and revising. Participants will be provided with a variety of resources to help them plan a two week expository writing unit that includes specific revising mini-lessons, as well as how to implement embedded grammar instruction. Finally, this course will also discuss how to assess students’ writing, and how to use the data collected to drive future instruction.

Course Guiding Question

How can I prepare my upper elementary or middle school students to write well organized and grammatically correct expository essays?

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Five different expository essay structures, and how to help your students plan a well-crafted essay
  • A variety of mini-lessons you can teach your class to improve your students’ writing skills, including lessons specifically for revising and editing, as well as how to teach grammar authentically
  • How to conduct effective individual writing conferences
  • How to assess expository essays, and how to use that data to drive your instruction

CPE Hours

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate for 9 CPE hours.  Model Teaching and Action Potential Learning is a Statewide, TEA (Texas Education Agency) approved provider for Continuing Professional Education hours.   CPE# 902-391

Resources Included in this Course

Expository Structures Anchor Chart

Descriptive Essay Organizer

Compare/Contrast Essay Organizer

Cause/Effect Essay Organizer

Problem/Solution Essay Organizer

Sequential Essay Organizer

Mini-Lesson Planning Template

Writing Prompt Template

Types of Leads Anchor Chart

Conference Notes For Individual Students Tool

Conference Notes Class List Tool

Peer Revising Checklist

Peer Editing Checklist

Expository Essay Rubric

Expository Unit Plan

Conference Scheduling Planning Template

Mentor Sentence Planning Template

Effectiveness Checklist

Course Curriculum

  • Expository Writing Section 1 – Introduction
    20 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 1 – Lesson
    20 minutes
  • Expository Writing – Section 1-Quiz
    10 questions
  • Expository Writing Section 2 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 2 – Reflection
  • Expository Writing Section 3 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 3 – Reflection
  • Expository Writing Section 4 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 4 – Reflection
    Text Based
  • Expository Writing Section 5 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 5 – Reflection
  • Expository Writing Section 6 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing – Section 6-Quiz
    5 questions
  • Expository Writing Section 6 – Reflection
  • Expository Writing Section 7 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 7 – Reflection
  • Expository Writing Section 8 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Expository Writing Section 8 – Reflection
  • Expository Writing Section 9 – Putting It All Together
    File Upload
  • Expository Writing Section 10 – Applying What You Have Learned
    20 minutes
  • Final Course Survey
    7 questions
  • Course Implementation Follow Up Request
    1 minutes
  • Submit Course
    1 minutes

About The Instructors

Wendy Lipe
B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Southwest Texas State Universit
Experience & Credentials
Over 8 Years of Teaching Experience
Current Elementary-Level Teacher
ESL State Certified
TAG Certified
Experience With Students With Learning Disabilities
(ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexia)

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