Strategies to Support Social-Emotional Learning-VCSU Course

Valley City State University
Credits: 1
Price: $135

This course will provide you with a detailed overview of social-emotional learning (SEL) and the value of incorporating SEL into the classroom to help improve academic success and emotional intelligence. Each SEL topic explored in the course comes with a resource that you can use in your classroom. You’ll understand SEL through the components of student self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, and other critical skills necessary for students’ emotional well-being and success. You will develop an additional supporting resource for students that supports SEL, analyze articles to determine an application to the classroom, and will build a comprehensive implementation plan.

*The price of $135 includes Model Teaching’s course fee of $85 + VCSU’s credit fee of $50. You will only be charged $85 at registration. Once complete, you may request your credit and pay the additional $50 to receive our credit(s) from VCSU.

Course Guiding Question:

What strategies can I implement to encourage the social-emotional growth of my students?

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • The meaning of “educating the whole child” or “teaching to the whole learner” and how Social Emotional Learning (SEL) can accomplish these goals
  • The importance of SEL in academic success and emotional intelligence and how to specifically implement SEL into any classroom regardless of grade-level or subject area
  • Student self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision- making skills are important for a student’s emotional well-being and success
  • It is equally important for students to have social awareness and relationship skills as they learn how to function successfully in society

1 Semester Credit

This course falls under Valley City State University’s (VCSU) EDUC 2000 numbering system, for the purposes of credential/licensure designed primarily for electives or professional development/salary advancement purposes. This course is for 1 Credit Unit and requires a minimum passage grade of 80%. Model Teaching is an accredited partner with VCSU. Upon course completion, you will be provided with 1 graduate-level semester credit, along with an official transcript and letter grade from VCSU for you to submit to your district or state department of education for your licensing and/or salary advancement needs.


Course Syllabus

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COURSE PRICE: $135.  This pricing includes Model Teaching’s course fee of $85 & VCSU’s transcript fee if $50.  You will only be charged $85 at registration.  To request your credits from VCSU, you will follow the instructions on your completion certificate and pay the remaining $50 at the completion of the course to receive your credits and transcript.