Writing Effective Learning Objectives-VCSU Course

Valley City State University
Credits: 2
Price: $245

This course examines the first step in developing strong classroom lessons: how to write student-facing learning objectives for your classroom. It describes what learning objectives should look like and how to construct an objective based on your classroom learning standards. This course will allow you to develop measurable objectives that are well- aligned with your assessments and learning activities in future classroom lessons. Through structured activities, resources, templates, and other articles, you will build clear objectives for a future unit of instruction and plan methods for implementing the course ideas. You will leave with a clear plan for student expectations that will translate to strong assessments, better lessons, and improved student progress in your classes.

*The price of $245 includes Model Teaching’s course fee of $145 + VCSU’s credit fee of $100. You will only be charged $145 at registration. Once complete, you may request your credit and pay the additional $100 credit fee to receive our credit(s) from VCSU.

Course Guiding Question:

How do I write effective learning objectives that will not only provide a clear purpose for my students to focus their learning efforts but will also help me align my assessment items with my instructional strategies?

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • The three components that make up an effective learning objective
  • How to “unpack” and analyze a state standard to ensure we know exactly what students need to know or be able to do
  • How to use Bloom’s Taxonomy and the knowledge and cognitive levels to create more balanced instruction

2 Semester Credits

This course falls under Valley City State University’s (VCSU) EDUC 2000 numbering system, for the purposes of credential/licensure designed primarily for electives or professional development/salary advancement purposes. This course is for 2 Credits and requires a minimum passage grade of 80%. Model Teaching is an accredited partner with VCSU. Upon course completion, you will be provided with 2 graduate-level semester credits, along with an official transcript and letter grade from VCSU for you to submit to your district or state department of education for your licensing and/or salary advancement needs.


Course Syllabus

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COURSE PRICE: $245.  This pricing includes Model Teaching’s course fee of $145 & VCSU’s transcript fee if $100.  You will only be charged $145 at registration.  To request your credits from VCSU, you will follow the instructions on your completion certificate and pay the remaining $100 at the completion of the course to receive your credits and transcript.