Blended Learning-Integrating Technology Into The Classroom


(8 Hours) Integrating technology into the classroom is a challenging, yet valuable component to learning in the 21st century. Purposeful and authentic technology integration helps to drive more effective content delivery and knowledge for your students. In this course you will learn the main blended learning models, explore the strategies involved in selecting the right blended learning model for the classroom, and develop a blended learning lesson for immediate use in the classroom. This course is ideal for aspiring teachers that want to learn more about the blended learning process, new teachers that need support in designing blended lessons, and experienced teachers that want to take their traditional classroom content and modify it to support blended learning.

You Will Learn:

  • What blended learning looks like in the classroom
  • The components of a blended learning lesson
  • How to plan and create a blended learning lesson plan


(8 Hours) Technology is a great tool to support learning – but how can you efficiently develop impactful blended lessons for your students?  This course teaches you how to select from the five main blended learning models to structure your lessons. You’ll learn a process for designing activities and choosing online resources for easier blended learning integration into your classroom.

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