Checking For Understanding & Correcting Misconceptions in Elementary Math


(6 Hours) Participants in this course will learn a variety of new skills including how to establish a productive classroom culture, community and growth mindset, how to check for student understanding based on both formal and informal data collection, and how to identify and correct common math misconceptions.  This course provides you with a clear structure to follow when designing and executing lessons with student understanding and support in mind.  Concepts featured in this course are targeted to kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms.  For future teachers or new teachers, this course is ideal for you to develop a clear plan of action for designing your lessons with monitoring student understanding in mind.  For experienced teachers, this course helps you evaluate your current teaching practices to make refinements and improvements in learning and culture within your math classroom.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to establish a classroom culture in which it is acceptable to make mistakes, and learn from them
  • Numerous strategies on how to check for understanding using both formal and informal assessment methods
  • A basic overview of the 12 most common elementary math misconceptions students make and a variety of ways to correct those types of math misconceptions
  • How to establish an execute an intervention strategy to fill gaps in understanding and correct misconceptions
  • How to evaluate your idea on classroom culture using our evaluation tool
  • Strategies to check for understanding, design interventions, and plan for misconceptions that may occur in the lesson
  • How to build a lesson plan with class culture, student understanding, and misconceptions in mind


(6 Hours) This course will teach participants how to establish a classroom culture that is conducive to learning and sharing. They will also learn a variety of ways to check their students’ understanding of elementary math content, so they are able to assess the effectiveness of their teaching. Participants will also be able to recognize twelve of the most common math misconceptions, and will be ready to correct those misconceptions through a variety of instructional strategies taught in this course.

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