Growth Mindset in the Gifted Classroom


(13 Hours) Gifted and Talented (GT) students are often challenged by concepts and assignments that require above-average effort, determination, and resilience. This high-level of achievement can often place significant pressure on your students.  Your goal to help your students persevere to meet the high expectations of your classroom can be supported through specific Growth Mindset strategies. In this online course, you will learn specific methods for teaching, implementing, and fostering these Growth Mindset strategies and will be provided with dozens of resources to help you use these strategies in your current or future classroom. This course is a perfect addition to your professional learning if you are a teacher that works with GT students, or an aspiring teacher who plans to work with GT students in the future. This is also a great course for anyone that wishes to bring growth mindset strategies and tools into any classroom, regardless of achievement-level. Through detailed scenarios, specific implementation steps, and numerous planning and student resources, this course will help you implement Growth Mindset ideas easily into your current lesson planning, lesson delivery, and assessment. Though targeted to students in a GT classroom, the Growth Mindset Strategies presented in this course can also be applied to all students in any classroom and grade level.

What You Will Learn:

  • What growth mindset is, and how growth mindset strategies can be modified for implementation within the gifted classroom
  • How to align classroom communication in three target areas with growth mindset strategies
  • How to adapt gifted classroom assignments, projects, and assessments to encourage the use of growth mindset strategies
  • How to incorporate strategies of growth mindset within the gifted classroom into your regular lesson plans


(13 Hours) Gifted and Talented (GT) students often face challenging curriculum that requires significant effort, determination, and resilience. Your goal to help your GT students persevere and to meet the high expectations of your classroom can be supported through Growth Mindset strategies. This online course provides you with the resources, strategies, and methods to foster Growth Mindset in your GT students.

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