Building Effective Writing Prompts for All Students


(7 Hours) Learn the four components of a strong writing prompt so you can support your students in development of their writing.  The five main types of writing prompts are explored in this course: narrative, creative, expository, persuasive and reading response. You’ll view samples of each writing prompt type, learn the steps to developing a strong writing prompt, and learn to build a writing prompt action plan for use in the classroom.  Future or new teachers will find this course useful for the templates and examples provided for each writing prompt, and experienced teachers will enjoy the concise content that provides a refresher for each main writing prompt type.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The five main types of writing prompts
  • The four components that all strong writing prompts have in common
  • How to build a detailed writing prompt plan


(7 Hours) For student essays to be detailed and thorough, a well- planned writing prompt is the first step in supporting your students. This course teaches you five main types of writing prompts: narrative, creative, expository, persuasive, and reading response. You’ll learn a simple structure to follow when designing each writing prompt plus examples representative of grades k-12 writing expectations.

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